“Feel Prestigious”

“Feel Prestigious”


“What do I get from other people?” it is a simple question that comes from our selves, before we do something for others. If we are so contemptible and are accentuating ourselves, so cannot radiate a little happiness as well as appreciate others, if our souls are depraved, we will fail to get what we plan.


Ya, I really want to get something from someone else. I want something precious, and I must get it. I feel, I have done something for someone however he cannot do anything in return for me. That is a feeling that flows and dancer in our memory. Therefore, it is an answer of “What do I get from other people?”.


If we live without getting a proper position, then we will continue to try to get the position that we expect, the position which is considered important by others. If we do not feel these circumstance, maybe we should be questioning again, whether we are humans as human or not.

There is one important law of human conducts. If we obey that law, we shall almost never get trouble. In fact that law if we obey will brings us countless friends, and constant happiness. But once we break the law, we shall get into endless trouble. The law always makes the other person feel prestigious. As my friend said Zaenal Mustofa, “The deepest principle in human nature is craving to be appreciated.” As I have explained, this insistence differentiates us from animals. As a result, the civilization is built by this insistence.

There is a saying that tells, “Do for others, as you wish others do for you.” We want to obtain a support from those who are associated and near to us. We need others to recognize our quality. We want to feel that we are prestigious in our small world. In fact, we do not want to listen to insincere flattery, but we do crave precious appreciation. We want our friends and associates to be sincere to accepting ourselves and be generous to give award, we all want that.

Therefore, let’s obey the above Golden Rule, and give what others need as we are delighted to accept a gift. And try to serve others, as we are pleased to be served by others. How? When? Where? The answer is all the time and everywhere. Because everyone is hungry for a tribute, and they put themselves in a very high class, as the most prestigious person who lives in this universe.


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